Five Ways To Fail At An Interview Without Even Opening Your Mouth

Five ways to fail at an interview without even opening your mouth In a survey of 2000 bosses, 33% claimed that they knew within the…


Five ways to fail at an interview without even opening your mouth

In a survey of 2000 bosses, 33% claimed that they knew within the first 90 seconds of the interview starting whether or not the candidate was suitable for the role. Scary hey?

That means your first impression really is the one that counts, so don't make these simple non-verbal mistakes and mess it up before you get a chance to sell yourself.

Being Late

Ooh this is a deal breaker. Being late totally shows a lack of respect and in some cases, it means your interviewer might not even be able to see you. 

Make sure you leave plenty of time to head off potential train delays, cancelled buses and the absence of any spaces in the car park. It's better to be 30 minutes early and find a nearby coffee shop first than turn up late looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Failure to make eye contact

It is important to make eye contact during an interview. Make sure you focus on your interviewer and avoid the 'Extra in The Walking Dead' look with scary eye movements going all around the room. Worst still, keep staring out of the window or at the floor. The last thing you want is to look rude or uninterested and subtle eye contact will also make you come across as more confident.

Lack of a smile!

No-one likes working with a misery pants. Fun, friendly and happy colleagues are what interviewers are looking for. A simple smile will go a long way to giving a good first impression and letting your potential employer know that you are pleased to be there. Even if you've lost your phone charger, the dog was sick and you had to run the last mile to get there – don't let your bad morning show on your face.

Breathe. Smile. Interview Success.

Crossing arms over chest

We know! It's a hard one. Sometimes it's just more comfortable like that! But crossing your arms tightly across your chest may come across as distant or disinterested ... maybe even a bit withdrawn. You want to look calm and positive so relax those shoulders and place your hands in your lap without wringing your hands together.

Playing with hair or touching your face

Nothing is more annoying than someone who keeps fiddling with their hair or rubbing their beard/eyes/chin etc. It's totally off-putting and distracting for the interviewer. If your hair tends to flop over your face on a regular basis, tie it back and keep it out of your eye line. This ensures you keep eye contact with your interviewer and they're not wondering where your next 'fidget' will come from instead of concentrating on what you are saying.