5 Ways to WOW in an Interview

From informal chats to initial interviews and then possibly onto second panel interviews – your interviewer/s will see many people during the course of finding…


From informal chats to initial interviews and then possibly onto second panel interviews – your interviewer/s will see many people during the course of finding the perfect employee. So how do you make sure it's you that gets the job?

Here are our top five ways to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

1. Arm yourself with info

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. No saying could be more accurate than when going for an interview. Make sure you know about the company to whom you are applying. Find out as much information as you can from their website and/or the employment agency.

If their website is not full of information, Google them. Look for news and reviews that will give you an idea of what the company is about. Also try LinkedIn – does one of your contacts work there or could introduce you to someone that does for extra insight and info.

One last thing to find out is who their competitors are, plus understand how their service and culture might differ – this will help you to prepare questions in advance. See tip 2!

2. Don't umm and arhh at the very end

At the end of the interview you will probably be asked if you have any questions. Don't sit there going "errmmm, ummmm, not sure". Have a good couple of questions to ask. Such as;

"Your competitors offer this service – is this something you might introduce?"

"How will you be looking to expand the company in the future?"

"If you could change one thing about the company today, what would it be?"

Asking questions shows you understand the company and have taken a full interest in it. It also shows you are in the job for the long term, can think on your feet and can engage in an interesting conversation.

3. Take a copy of your CV/portfolio

It is always good to take examples of projects you have worked on. If you don't have a full portfolio try including a news story about the project, an information sheet from the company website or even just a copy of your CV with project examples added in. It makes you look prepared, plus it will give you something tangible to talk about such as project costs, location, outcomes etc. It will also help add weight to your experience and expertise.

4. Step away from the phone

When waiting to be called for your interview DO NOT get out your phone. Your friend's birthday party pictures on Facebook can wait. Better to show interest in your surroundings and just smile and wait politely. No interviewer wants to feel like they've dragged you away from something more interesting just to talk to them. Give the company your full attention all the time you are there.

5. Tell a story

Everyone loves a story and you'll certainly be more memorable. Make sure you have a few examples of work situations where you have;

Solved a problem

Used your strengths to help on a project

Learnt something new: why and how?

Worked as a team to overcome certain issues

Introduced a change that worked effectively

This will show your sparkling personality while also getting across your expertise and experience. It will also help the conversation flow better, making it more of a chat rather than just an awkward firing line of questions and answers. Plus with a few stories under your belt you'll stand out as someone who is a great communicator and all round good person to spend time with.

Congratulations, you've just got the job.